Braxton made it to the MTC!

I made it safe and sound and Mexico is crazy! We almost got in a crash like 4 times on the way to the CCM from the bus and no one ever stops moving. EVER! It´s really started to sink in that I´m in Mexico and that I´m on a mission. I can´t believe it! It´s absolutely crazy! My testimony of the Gospel and Christ is stronger than it ever was but it´s also a little stressful! I can´t type super long because I have a time limit before I get kicked out. I taught my first lesson in Spanish last friday….that was exciting and I know that Heavenly Father has helped us learn the language. I feel like I´ve already had two years of a high school language class in like a week. I can actually say a decent prayer in Spanish. There are fireworks or cannon things going off every day, mariache bands and Brian Reagan type dog situations every night at like 1 in the morning but it´s a hugfe blessing. I know this Church is true and that I´m supposed to be here. I love you guys and will keep writing to you. I love you guys and am thinking of you.



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