Mexico City is ridiculous! It´s like the 2nd biggest city in the world and you can literally like hop roof to roof. They have mariache bands that play till one in the morning and the food here took some getting use to but know it´s ok…I just can´t wait to have a real hamburger though…but that´ll be a while. It´s awesome weather over here. It poured rain yesterday and the day before. We aren´t even in the rainy season yet and Nicaragua will be worse haha.


Ok, so we were doing this service project and we were replacing mattresses among the casas. There were 7 missionaries, a mexican driver and twenty mattresses on the back of a trailer that was all hooked up to one four wheeler…..it was crazy. He never slowed down and my friend fell off. He was standing on the crossbar attaching the trailer to the four wheeler. I was sitting on the back with another guy holding my friend up cuz he was steadying the mattresses and two other guys were on the back of the trailer and the last guy was sitting on top of the front of the four wheeler with his feet dangling off. He was in front of the driver. My feet were hanging off too…It was awesome but should have been physically impossible.


I am very excited. We gave a Priesthood blessing yesterday to our zone leader and my and my companion are district leaders now. It was amazing feeling that Priesthood power even though I didn´t give the blessing. It was one of the coolest experiences I´ve ever felt. The Priesthood isn´t just limited to older Brethren. It was very powerful. I love you guys!


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