(This post is a combination of email conversations.)

The earthquake was pretty crazy. There was some damage. My companion actually broke his legs when a telephone pole fell on him. I had to drag it off him with the help if two others and get him to clean water.  After I sawed off his legs I had to go get him a wheelchair and get another companion. Haha.

(Braxton experienced 2 more earthquakes, one of which he slept through.)

Here is my orarrio/schedule for tomorrow. 

630 get up

715-745 is breakfast.

745-845 is personal study time

845-945 is language study

945-1030 is coaching

1030-1130 is teaching an investigator

1130-1145 is break

1145-1215 is more study time

1215 -1245 is lunch

115-215 is computer lab about spanish

215-245 is more study time

245-345 is more language study

355-445 is gym

445-545 is preparing/planning

545-630 is dinner

and then there’s night class for the rest of the time….so much studying…ugh

I am glad you guys had an awesome week with Easter. We had a really powerful devotional about Christ and I learned more about forgiveness. I gave my first blessing. It was really cool. After learning what some of our investigators go through (they are teachers who take on roles of investigators that they taught) it all boils down to family and how through Christ only can we be with them forever, and feel His love.

We are going to leave pretty soon and it is SUPER weird! I have almost been gone for a month! I´ve never had such a strong desire to do everything I can to be righteous and spread the Gospel. I kinda feel like Alma. Do you think I´m ready?


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