Braxton’s Testimony

My testimony is a testimony that God lives. I know He lives. I know that He loves us more than anything. I cannot understand how or why but He does. And one of the greatest ways He shows that is through families. I would challenge everyone who reads the blog to treasure families. They are the single greatest blessing ever besides being able to live with God and Christ again. I know Jesus is the Christ and the only One who can save us from sin so that we can be together with Him and as families with Him and Heavenly Father. I know He made it possible through the Atonement, which was the most powerful and wonderful act of love in the history of the world so that we can be happy forever. I know that through the Great Plan of Happiness and Salvation, God has created everything for a reason and to help us. Whenever times are hard, or we don´t understand why we have to deal with trials, no matter how difficult, there is a reason that is always going to improve our life if we stand firm. He has all power, knowledge and love and will not let us take on more than we can handle because He loves us. I know that through prophets, particularly Joseph Smith and through the Book of Mormon we can receive a testimony of this. We can know the single greatest news and truth in the world. I know this is the only true Church of God. There is no other way. I love Him and Jesus Christ, my Brother and Hero. I love my family. This is my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.



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