Learning to rely on the Lord.

I am having a difficult time but I am learning to rely on the Savior more. I have never had to rely so completely on Him and it really builds my testimony. This family went from knowing nothing (in her case) and making incorrect choices to wanting to live in the Celestial Kingdom with an eternal family. She doesn´t even fully understand what that means but she wants it. I know this work is true. How else could that happen? Ummm birthday present…pecan pie?


(I asked if he had an oven and if I should send the ingredients for a pecan pie.)


mom….I live in a third world country….I have no oven, dishwasher, dryer or washer for my clothes, haha. Well…do I need to bake it? I was able to make pancakes out of chocolate cake mix one time on a non-stick pan…maybe that would work.


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