New Companion

Elder Oldroyd left and I have a Latino companion. He understands some but not a lot. It’s a little rocky but we work it out…with the help of charades. He’s from Guatemala…he’s a stud. or piles as we say.

My compainos name is Elder Berduo and he’s latino…he has a heart of gold and he has a really strong testimony. He’s the only member in his family. The rest are Catholic.


Btw, I’ve been teaching English to the Latinos here every Saturday. It’s a class and I am the only white person there, haha. It’s good though. I try to get members to pray and then read in the Book of Mormon all in English.


So I don’t know if I ever told you but our area is called Waspan Sur. We are kind of right in the capitol of the country….it’s nice cuz we have classy restaurants like Mcdonald’s and Burger King, haha. We have a guy named Aaorn who wants to be bapitized….but my comp was thinking of waiting till he gets married to his lds girlfriend so they count as a family but I want to get it done now. Another lady, Alma, who has major kidney problems, she only has one left and has to get operated on a lot. She’s the only one interested in her family. Her kids all tell her no cuz they’re Catholic but she is awesome and she has the date. Jennifer and Donald are just waiting. We’ll pass by but we can’t do anything until they get that divorce through.

Here it always 90 or higher and it’s so humid you sweat by sitting. We get everywhere by walking. People don’t really have stop lights here. The buses are the fastest and scariest things on the road…they are full of literally a hundred or so people and go like 80 miles and pass everything. Or you’ll see the occasional motorcycle with a family of 5 on it pass you right next to the bus and then there’ll be a guy on a horse just trotting in the left lane….


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