December 1, 2014

Sorry I haven’t posted Braxton’s letters for a while.  There’s no way I could “catch up” so I’ll just start with the holiday season.

So this week was pretty crazy! We had a ton of adventures including a few disappointments and miracles as well. During this week we worked really hard to try and baptize some of our investigators who had dates and during the process we had one named Dan who was secretly taking lessons from us without telling his parents because he is a pastors son from another church. We had suspicions but we didnt know for sure so we decided to ask him and yeah…lying to his parents. So we asked his parents if he could get baptized and they said he was getting rebaptized in their church…the same day we had our date for him. Him and along with a few other dates/possibilities fell and Friday night feeling discouraged we were heading home when my companion turned around and went to another house. Apparently someone had called us but I didnt hear it. As we contacted this last new house we were told that they were less active members who had left the Church 3 years ago and they had two children who were of age. We talked and asked if they would like to be baptized tomorrow. They said yes and were then baptized the next day. What is weird is that my companion had received impressions to contact that house yesterday and I had prayed for a miracle the night before after working. I have been able to witness other miracles such as answered prayers or a persons heart change when they accept the Gospel and I am thankful that God is a God of miracles. I am thankful for the family and for the opportunities our Heavenly Father places before us to grow, to learn and to be who we could never have been on our own. It was a very cool experience but being here has helped me realize the important things in life. Family, the Gospel, faith, repentance, even things like food and clean water, haha. I wish you all a Happy late Thanksgiving and a Early Merry Christmas! I know that this Church is the Church of Christ upon the earth again and that we have prophets and apostles who lead and guide us. Not many people know or understand how wonderful it is. I testify of the ability to change and be better through our Savior Jesus Christ.


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