Welcome to the Jungle!

So this week was pretty crazy. We had a meeting with President and he flew out to Puerto Cabesaz to visit us and help start the new Church initiative, He is the Gift…but in Spanish. We really have changed as a zone and its kinda cool and distracting to see all these old missionaries take off and new ones come in. This week we are having difficulties with a few investigators/less actives that don’t want to come to Church. After finding a family through what my companion and I believe inspiration we also found a less active family with one of the daughters who was not baptized right next door. She is the only one of age and her name is Ashley. We taught them a little and figured out after a little talking that the family stopped going to Church after their parents got divorced but before they were very friendly with the missionaries and always went to Church and had FHE. We tried to have a family home evening with another family and passed by to invite them but they said they couldn’t. It was late when we passed by, but they said maybe next week. The mother doesn’t want her daughter to get baptized until she is 12 years old which is super frustrating. We tried teaching her that Joseph Smith received revelation that children can be baptized at 8 yrs old and that the Spirit as her companion will guide her to make correct choices and understand better the covenant of baptism but she still said no. So…haha maybe some prayers from you guys could help. Other than that we need to help another family get reactivated again. The parents are lss active but the children were baptized and so we are going to visit them today. The kids names are Jhunter and Kerlyn. At the Christmas devotional yesterday I felt a personal inspiration that I would like to share. As I looked around the Chapel with all these people around me I had a flashback to home and my ward and all of you guys. I remembered my family and friends and thought of how these people are EXACTLY the same. There is no difference between us and them. None at all. Not in the eyes of God and their shouldn’t be any difference in ours. They have dreams and hopes and families like we all do and I felt a little more united and happier. I felt a little closer to home and I just want to share with you guys that hopefully this Christmas we can do something good or kind or nice for someone else. This Christmas season I challenge everyone to do a kind act everyday to someone and actively try and think of Christ and what He would want as we do so. I love you guys and I love this Gospel and our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ, who not only died for us but also lived a life of perfect obedience to show us the way. The goal is for all of us to be together again with Him and our Father in Heaven and our families forever. Remember that when you face hardships or trials or even when you are happy. Love you guys!


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