Blessings and Trials

June 22, 2015

Well this week was pretty difficult at first but as we went on the week started to look better. At first we started with nothing really too special just a HOT HOT week in Leon, but for the week we had been helping teach two investigators Jasmina and Ana, whose families are all members but only they are not. Jasmina and Ana were taught by other missionaries but never baptized. We had the opportunity of picking up where they left off and this last Sunday Jasmina and Ana were confirmed!!! AWESOME!!! Apart from that looking around Leon we start to see more and more white people who speak English, which for me is super weird. A lot of them are from Europe or America but like none of them speak Spanish…NOOBS!!!! We ran into people from Australia, England, Scotland, and a ton of surfer people from the States…it made me pretty trunky ha-ha. But I know that carpet and cheeseburgers will be worth the wait!!!! Learning to pass through trials, with difficult, lonely, sometimes scary experiences brings us closer to our loving Heavenly Father more than ever before. In the moments that I have been sad, or lonely, or desperate even for help, I have found that the Lord is indeed very mindful of us and His help comes in many different ways. Maybe not the ways we expected or hope but they are all for the best. I just want you guys to know that Heavenly Father loves you. Jesus Christ loves you. There is nothing more worthwhile or anything that will bring more happiness to you or others than this Gospel. So take it seriously if you have not and share it if you have not. I love you guys too.


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