Housemates, transfers, 4th of July, etc.

July 6, 2015

So this week was quite the adventure. To start it off we received a few new housemates. Just to explain a bit, the house where we live is a tiny room, like Harry Potters cupboard on the second floor of like a 3 story tower thing. On the bottom floor live the dueno and his wife, then us and then our new roommate from Utah…. who happens to be a member of the Church…. go figure. He is staying here just until the middle of the month, but his wife is from Nicaragua and was an ex missionary. So we talked to him about some of the stuff that he has done. He did a lot of volunteer work here and his he met his wife doing volunteer work. His wife has actually cooked and cleaned for some of the missionaries before. One in a million.

This week we had the wonderful experience to see Stephanie, a girl we have been working with, get baptized. She is 12 years old and is friends with one of the families in the ward and has been to Church before. We talked to her and she decided she wanted to get baptized. Her mother at first had doubts because Stephanie’s sister was actually baptized in the Church but then fell in love with a guy from another religion and ended up abandoning the true Church and her mom didn’t like the way she has been acting, although the mother herself is not a member. But talking to Stephanie’s mom eventually helped and in the same lesson, she singed the paper to have Stephanie get baptized.

This week we are trying to see another couple, Raul and Asuncion get married and baptized. They were actually a reference from a less active member. He said, ¨Here are my grandkids, they need to be baptized.¨ Alright!!! But they are having some difficulties. They have a newborn baby and they are a very young couple, and the husband is without work. The said they wouldn’t be able to make it to Church because of the husband’s lack of work. The Church is a bit of a walk, especially with a newborn, but we are trying to see what will happen and how we can help them. If you could, pray for them. They need the Gospel badly…well everybody does ha-ha.

Also, I got to buy groceries from LaColonia…. which is like a mini Wal-Mart. I felt too poor to be there. It was almost American. There are some things…and by some I mean almost 90% of things in America that you cannot buy here. Having canned peaches and other American things made me feel rich. Well for all those who didn’t remember…the 4th of July happened. Didn’t even know until one of the sisters told me…but for all you Americans…I salute you. AMERICA!!!!!!

But being more spiritual. This week was very special and with this last change I learned that in order to have more blessings and be happier in general, we need to be more diligent. We wont be perfect, but we must do the very best. And then rely on the Lord to help us do what we are incapable of doing. Heavenly Father has helped me and is still helping me to understand that this Gospel is the ONLY way to happiness. There is no other way. Wickedness never was happiness. In regard to the commandments, mission rules, thought, actions, words. If we follow Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and if we worship them we will be happy. People who don’t have the Gospel, I do not believe are truly happy. Not to say they don’t ever feel happy, but they don’t have the long lasting, peace, security, and joy that comes from the Gospel and living it. I love my family so much! I love my friends! And Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are helping love everyone. I know they live and love us and following them will make us truly happy now and forever. I know this work is true! Share the Gospel! It will bless you and others!


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