Lessons Learnt

July 20, 2015

This week was kind of rough. But at the same time heavenly Father always seems to have the way and ability to make even the roughest weeks perfectly fitted for us to learn and grow. This week a lot of our investigators dropped and my companion and I kind of had a friendship timeout hahahahaha. But all this time we have been a very goal focused mission, and as a mission we have seen quite a bit of success. However, this week I learned that goals are good. Numbers are good…IF you see the person who the number represents. Each and every one of those ¨numbers¨ is a son or daughter of God with a family and history with real dreams and real needs and wants and real difficulties. So many times we get caught up in ourselves and for some reason or another we seem to think we are the only ones with dreams or problems or plans. One way to judge if we are being humble is as President Uchtdorf put it ¨not think less OF ourselves but less ABOUT ourselves¨ when we put others needs and wants first we truly feel happiness. That includes putting God and Christ´s desires first above all others. Then we find happiness and not only do what God would have us do, but in so doing show our faith and help others. I learned to focus more on the people and less on numbers or myself. Apart from that, this week we have had a blast as a district doing things together and being crazy…. as crazy as a missionary is allowed to be, hahahahaha. But some of the most interesting things have happened on my mission. We have to plan an activity with our Ward and another Ward, it has to be really cool, have food, and it has to be done in a week. With no money, hahaha. Surprise!!!! It should be exciting. All the skills in high school of procrastinating and then throwing something together at the last minute should pay off he he. I love you guys! See you next week!


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