New change, new view, and the day I discovered air hockey.

July 13, 2015

So this week has been really fast and a bit frustrating and really rewarding all in one! Funny how the mission seems to do that to you ha-ha. This week we started out with very few investigators and feeling a little discouraged. We felt tired and I personally was worried about how we were going to go about working this week. We had worked with members and many times had used the same ones. It really is amazing to see how some of the Saints treasure the Gospel down here. Sometimes when we have a lot we forget what is really important but there are members whose faith makes me amazed. I feel humbled sometimes when people who have so little give so much.

Of course there are challenges here as in any place. This week I have been seeing more and more of my weaknesses and some times it was kind of difficult to see how could I overcome them but I realized I cannot without the help of Jesus Christ the Savior. And I learned not only that but also to be as happy and optimistic as possible. Many times in life and even in the mission there are cases of disobedience or many people who face challenges or who choose something instead of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. However as we focus on what we know and trust in them and do what we are supposed to everything will be ok. Personally facing some pressure even from other missionaries to do things that aren’t terrible but also aren’t good has helped me realize what is important and how other things can be distracting and some advice from a wise mother who said when tempted to do something that is wrong simply don’t do it¨.

In other words this week we were feeling kind of down at first but one day my companion just started to contact like crazy. And in a Little bit we had contacted a bunch of families. Out of them we came to know, Juan, Xiomara, Mercedes, Mercedes Jr. and Ricardo. Juan is a really humble guy who has talked with missionaries before and one of them I actually knew in Managua 😛 And he said he wanted to get baptized but wants to investigate the Church more. Xiomara who was just chillin in a chair next to the road asked us if she could get baptized….wow!! Juan and Mercedes actually live in the same house but in different rooms with different girlfriend/boyfriend And Mercedes and her family. Mercedes is the mom, Mercedes Jr. her daughter (go figure) and Ricardo the Little 10 year old son. Mercedes and her family along with another investigator named Rene came to Church this week. But the others unfortunately, no.

Rene is this crazy old guy that is interested in just having company I think but he came to Church. His son is a member but he is not. He talks about all his old times and he doesn’t believe in prophets now but he came to Church. He said I hope I am not boring you but bear with me. I don’t want you to leave like the others in one of the lessons. He talks like for two hours hahaha. Also if you could pray for Stephanie the 12-year-old girl who was baptized last week, she doesn’t want to receive us and didn’t come to Church the week after she was baptized. She was very positive and happy to be baptized but we think her sister who does not like the Church may have said something to her. If you could pray for her and her family that would be awesome.

P-day has been interesting to find things to do. Our district is really close and we always like to do different things. Leon being a touristy place has a ton of cool stuff like the beach and volcano boarding. Yeah. It’s a thing, ha-ha. But seeing as how many of those are not quite authorized or at least volcano boarding we try to find other stuff to do. We came across an old museum and an ice cream/ air hockey table hangout thing here. Didn’t take long before we had blown a bunch of money on air hockey that became dangerous really fast. I felt like a Little kid again instead of a Little man, ha-ha. It was a blast but we almost broke a video game console with a flying puck and I thought I broke my finger. It was pretty fun. I never knew I could get a workout from air hockey.  Well I love you guys. The Church is true!


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