A Mission Is Not For You

September 21, 2015

I once read an article about how a mission is not for us. That surprised me. The author later went on to explain that a mission is not intended for the man or woman who serves it. It does help them grow and teach them invaluable things but the opportunity to serve a mission is just that. An opportunity to serve. President Monson has expressed the importance of serving and loving our neighbors abut even more importantly Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have told us that we must love and serve Them first and then our fellow man. Being in a mission or just living a normal life is full of challenges. This week we were able to come into contact with more investigators and as a missionary that is awesome. When we were in the house of one of them, we asked her if she had doubts or questions about what she had seen or learned in Stake Conference. It was her first visit. She later explained that she did have many questions and doubts. All of them were sincere but then she asked us what would happen after we died. Almost everybody here believes in God and the Savior and has their own ideas but she spoke with an earnest desire to know and it touched me. She was looking for and wanted the Gospel. Something unique was that she was put off about the Church because of her concept of what churches were like before, but she told us she couldn’t go this week but wanted to. She doubted but her spirit recognized the need of the Gospel and responded to the Holy Ghost that spoke to her. Everybody is looking for and needs the Gospel and many times friends, family, less active members, or investigators know and feel that it is true but fear and doubt. We need to help people understand that with faith in Christ the fear and doubt we sometimes feel can be overcome. Love for Heavenly Father and the Savior includes faith. Faith that They know us and love us and have our best interest at heart and will forgive us if we truly repent. Loving Them includes loving others. My challenge for myself I would like to extend to you. I know we can love God and the Savior more when we serve Them and our fellow men. Lets forget ourselves and help someone else even when it may inconvenience us or be far out of our way. Those may be the most important times and the greatest blessings in disguise. I know Heavenly Father and His Son love us and I know this Church is true. This is the work of the Lord. I love you guys!!!!


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